When you publish your book with Creative Eye Q Publishing, you book can be available in a variety of formats such as hardcover, softcover, ebook, interactive ebook and as an audiobook. We utilize state of the art digital and print-on-demand technology to make your book available to a wide range of people. Using this technology also allows you to stay on top of trends across the industry so your book receives the best treatment possible.


Listening to stories takes us back to experiences in childhood, where the story being read came to life with the sound of the inflection in a person’s voice. For some, listening to books is a way to envision the ideas that you as the author has and to bring it to life. When you transform your book into an audiobook, it can spark the imagination in new exciting ways, while allowing your reader to enjoy your book on the go. Whether you read the book yourself or have us book a professional voice over talent, your book becomes accessible in so many different environments, to so many different types of people. When we design your Audiobook, we will handle all aspects of production. From booking voice talent, recording in the sound studio, editing and if you choose in English or Spanish, we can also do sound effects to enhance the storytelling and add background music designed specifically for your book to create a movie like experience.


You can reach a wider audience by having us reformat your book into a digital file available for download onto popular electronic reading devices and distribution channels. Books in an electronic format, also called e-books, are quickly becoming a popular way for readers to read books. E-books offer the largest distribution opportunity and are the fastest growing segment of books sales. With an e-book format, your book can be downloaded onto an electronic reader like an Apple iPadTM, Amazon® Kindle, Sony® Reader, or Barnes & Noble nook®. These portable devices allow your readers to take your book with them wherever they go without having to carry a physical copy of your book. Give your savvy readers the option to read your book on an iPad, Kindle or Nook, by having your book formatted as an e-book.

Creative Eye Q Publishing designs with your reader in mind providing a quality product and enjoyable reading experience for your readers. We will develop your ebook,  manage distribution, format your ebook and do your cover design. Gain recognition and online presence by extending your reach into the latest e-book stores.


  • Conversion of books to ePub and Mobi (Amazon) formats
  • Any input file format: Word, PDF, InDesign and many more
  • Distribution [online sales] setup and consulting
  • Paper book scanning
  • Formatting and uploading for Print-on-Demand (POD)
  • Rush conversion projects in a week
  • Expert eBook interior design consultation
  • Affordable cover design for eBooks
  • Volume pricing available
  • Fixed-format conversions
  • Sell direct-to-reader consulting


Have you heard of the new interactive ebooks? The sky is the limit. They are an incredible new way to add bells and whistles to your ebook, which really brings your ideas to life.  Some of the features that can be added into your interactive ebook are:
  • Colorful images inserted
  • 3-d Animated images
  • Videos embedded into the ebook (great for author introduction videos)
  • Links to Video sites such as Youtube and Vimeo
  • Link to a website page on your website(this is great for reference material or to support your ideas)
  • Twitter feeds and maps (point to all of the places that your fans can come hear you speak or find out the latest greatest news about you).
  • 3-d animated images


Some readers just love the feel of holding a hard or soft copy book in their hands. It is something that they can have and to hold and to keep for themselves or to give to others. Our hard and softcover books are printed in black and white. Hardcover books are wrapped in a full color, glossy dust jacket.

All manuscripts are formatted as trade paperbacks and printed on high-quality, acid free, book-grade opaque paper stock. This gives your book a higher grade production quality, a larger size and a higher retail price than mass market paperback format. Paperback formatting is standard with all of our publishing packages.

Our hardcover books feature a durable cloth binding, an embossed spine, and a full-color dust jacket that allows room for descriptive copy about your book and your author biography on its inside flaps.

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